About Elisa Resta



Meet Elisa


Jensen Construction’s mission is to bring the art of living and beauty into every house we build. And to Build a Real Home we trusted architect Elisa Resta to search for beauty, all over the world, and deliver the ultimate Turn-Key Service solution to our clients.  

Elisa obtained her architectural degree in Florence, Italy, the birthplace of the renaissance. She has many years of International and US Luxury Design experience and a great sense of adaptability. She has worked for prestigious architectural Interior Design Atelier, ClubHouseItalia – Luxury Living Group, representing famous brands such as Fendi Casa, Bentley Home, Trussardi Casa, Kenzo Maison, Heritage.

In Los Angeles, Elisa worked as an interior design architect, product designer, and project manager for several prominent and The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The WSJ, The Guardian featured projects including Londonderry Villa, Bellagio, Carcassonne, and Airole the One.

Elisa works every day with clients, designers, and coordinates a specialized worldwide network of suppliers and contractors to the final installation. It is precisely this uniqueness and quality coupled with the craftsmanship, often true art, Elisa and Jensen Construction will use, to select the finish material and oversee completion of every single piece of the Real House. 


Jensen Construction bridges the gap between the creativity that is inherent to the process of innovative design, the design process, and the specific requirements associated with production, construction, and installation. Contact Jensen Construction today!