Innovation and Construction Experience

Jensen Construction is one of the most prominent boutique builders in Southern California that has built some of the most challenging, custom homes in the world.


We specialize in high-end

Often hillside, custom homes throughout Los Angeles. To ensure superior quality and design/build integrity our number of projects and building areas are limited to Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Pacific Palisades, West Hollywood, Venice, La Canada, and Malibu. 


Founded in 1997

The experience of practice since 1997 has made the work and our construction processes always evolving, incorporating the best in new technologies and techniques. Constant innovation coupled with our experience is invaluable in maximizing value while maintaining the bottom line. Our success has brought us progressively larger and more challenging projects. The houses we built today are getting more refined, are “smart” and better detailed.


design/build approach

Jensen Construction differentiates itself with an efficient and effective design/build approach. Unlike many residential builders, day-to-day participation does not end with a set of building permit plans. Instead, our service and commitment to the client is a seamless building process that allows on-site fine-tuning and evolving architecture as the home unfolds, without losing focus on minute details required to realize any successful project. 

It’s this thoughtful, multi-faceted approach to the client’s vision and execution that ensures our clients a one-of-a-kind world-class masterpiece.

Every Jensen Construction house is built with the best building practices and Health and Safety standards.


Jensen Construction bridges the gap between the creativity that is inherent to the process of innovative design, the design process, and the specific requirements associated with production, construction, and installation. Contact Jensen Construction today!